Popular things to do in Dubai

Welcome to Dubai! In this article we will review the main attractions.

Luxury car rental – the most popular attraction in Dubai that is full of a huge variety of luxury and sports cars, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and more. Renting from the age of 21 and presenting an international driver’s license. (Can be ordered from here)

Buggy and ATV – an extreme trip in the field with a variety of tools in different sizes and intensities is definitely worth the experience. (Can be ordered from here)

Desert jeep trip – including pick-up from the hotel, challenging trip in the desert, spectacular photo stops and ending with an authentic meal with local artists. (Can be ordered from here)

Jetski – Let’s rip the sea with a variety of fast motorboats, an attraction that suits everyone! (Can be ordered from here)

Yacht Cruise – A fun cruise on a luxury yacht on the high seas off the coast of Dubai. Suitable for birthdays / bachelor parties / couples / families. (Can be ordered from here)

Helicopter Air Tour – Come and see Dubai from the air! A breathtaking experience and in our opinion also a once in a lifetime experience! Suitable for friends / couples and families. (Can be ordered from here)

Omega – the only extreme attraction of its kind, Omega that passes between the tall buildings of Dubai A crazy experience! (Can be ordered from here)

Entrance tickets to sites and parks – want to enter Burj Khalifa? The flower and butterfly garden? To the largest aquarium in the world? Tickets can be obtained through us. (Can be ordered from here)

Tours in Dubai with a guide in English – A comprehensive tour in Dubai with a guide in English, let’s get to know Dubai! (Can be ordered from here)

Transfers from the field to the hotel – you landed in Dubai and you want to get to the hotel efficiently? Transfer from the field to the hotel and back can be booked. (Can be ordered from here)

We will be happy to make your stay in Dubai pleasant with fun and varied activities.

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