Answers to frequently asked questions we are asked every day

In Dubai drive on the right side of the road and the steering wheel on the left, drive carefully.

Dubai is full of attractions of all kinds You can read more attractions in Dubai

You can rent all types of vehicles, we will be happy to help you.

Car rental

Israelis are also required to have an international license


It is allowed to hold hands, but it is better to avoid excessive affection in the middle of the street such as: hugs and kisses. Just so you know by law it is forbidden to sexually / verbally harass both sexes.

Therefore, a violation of the law may result in imprisonment or deportation.

Swimwear can be worn in pools and beaches, but outside of these areas be careful not to expose too much. Please note that most restaurants will not let you in with overly exposed clothing.

Absolutely forbidden! Dubai prohibits the import / purchase / sale / use of cannabis or any other drug.


police 999

ambulance 998

fire department 997   

Smoking and drinking alcohol are allowed in designated areas, for example:


Restaurants (Some restaurants have designated areas for smoking)

The language of the nation is Arabic but most of the residents speak English 🙂

Today Dubai is a safe and quiet place.

Most of the residents there are from outside Dubai who came there to earn a decent living and advance in life.

The local currency is the Dirham